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The Israeli - Palestinian conflicts resolution
Mark Bokman, Ph.D., Jerusalem


For so many years the planets most influential people had been trying to resolve a crisis between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. However, the things havent budged an inch. The solutions being offered do not account for the major problems of the parties involved in the ongoing conflict. Israel tries to set up for itself the best possible security environment. The Palestinian Arabs in all strata of population dream of a state that would offer them jobs and ensure quiet, stable and prosperous life.

Many a time, both in my daily life and in my work, Ive socialized and continue to communicate with the Muslims, including the Palestinian Arabs. I recall as back in 2000 the Muslim Arabs of Bethlehem swore - in obscene Russian - at the Jews who, in their words, brought Arafat to Palestine and gave away both Bethlehem and Hebron. Remember the Israeli Arabs' protests and outrage when Mr. Liberman offered to exchange their territories for the lands occupied by the settlements. And, as soon as the talks began of giving up some of the East Jerusalem quarters to the Palestinian Authority, Arabs living in those quarters urgently started to relocate to other places. Of course, this is far from being a reflection of the Arabs ardent love towards the Jews. This is their desire to have a descent living, which is absolutely impossible in the Palestinian Authority.  

The Palestinian Authority, created on the West bank and short of natural resources, water, fertile land, access to the sea for trade and tourism, qualified experts for high-tech industries, etc. will never be able to ensure proper life quality to its population. The annual gross domestic product (GDP) figures show the states economic development level. The current GDP of the Palestinian Authority is $ 2,796 per person per year. In Israel it is ca $ 40,000 per person per year. In Russia, with all its natural resources, it is mere $ 8,665 per person per year. That is, the Israeli economy is almost 16 times stronger than that of the Palestinian Authoritys. Taking into account its resources, the Palestinian Authority has pretty good results if compared to some other countries. But the Authority will never be able to come near Israel. Residents of the Palestinian Authority on the West bank will continue to live far worse than their relatives in Israel. You do agree that's insulting. As a result, inside Israel there appears an enclave of 3 million chronically dissatisfied people who terrorize Israel incessantly.

Israel is surrounded by Muslim states that are totalitarian by their very nature. From time to time some new ambitious leader takes power and starts building yet another caliphate. This is currently the case with Iran and Turkey, that Israel - up to a certain time - had excellent relations with. These leaders recruit followers from the Muslims, dissatisfied with their life, persuading them Israel is to blame for all their mischiefs, supplying them with weapons and money. The Palestinian Authoritys residents are the best people to pursue this goal. They will prove to be the most effective guerillas if and when some caliphate builder starts an open war against Israel. 

Considering the above one may conclude that creation of the Palestinian state on the West bank is neither expedient nor possible because it cannot guarantee the required living standards to the Arabs and security to the State of Israel.

Unlike the West bank, the Gaza strip stretches alone the Mediterranean coast, being located in the center of ancient civilizations. Perfect Mediterranean climate, fantastic sandy beaches, proximity of attractions in Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Sinai etc., makes Gaza the unique ideal place for the center of tourism. One can built more casinos, than Las Vegas has, concert halls to host musical, theater and movie festivals, the extreme sports facilities etc., organize Mediterranean and Red sea cruises. This will certainly attract tens of millions of tourists, treatment of which will require millions of workers. Beside travel catering, one will require workers to build hotels, housing for 4-6 million people, airport, seaport, railway etc.

A vast number of unskilled blue collar personnel will be needed. Gaza residents will not suffice, so unemployed and poorly accommodated residents of the West bank will pour to the Strip. The West bank will thin out.

Egypt offered to Gaza some 1,600 km2 of bordering Sinai territories providing the Arabs give up their claim to the West banks land. This will expand the Gaza territory fivefold. Gaza will be able to accept most of the refugees from Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. In this way, any Palestinian will be able to relocate to Gaza. Acute labor scarcity and low taxes will guarantee high real wages. Gaza will relax and enjoy itself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Easy living will attract the entire population of the poor and unemployed towns and villages of the West bank.

It could well be, however, that some of the older residents of the Palestinian Authority, who own housing and business, will choose to stay behind. No problem. They will be granted citizenship of the newly created Arab state and residence permit with the right of employment in Israel. If so desired, the Arab citizens of Israel could apply for a dual citizenship in the Arab state. The entire reorganization as above does not concern the Palestinian Authority's administration, that will continue to exist under its own established procedures as long as it considers expedient.

Nobody needs to make any changes by force, especially in the West bank, and nobody needs to coordinate anything with anybody in there. Life will choose the best possible option.

I believe, all residents of the newly created state, more so its leaders, security services personnel, civil servants, businessmen and ordinary people will try to acquire, to the extent possible, shares of the tourist companies. Tourism and terror are absolutely incompatible things. Even the slightest mass media reference to possible disorders in Gaza and/or bordering countries make most of the tourists cancel their planned trips. Less tourists means lower profits for the tourist companies, less workplaces, lower wages and tax deductibles, less investments. Nobody in the newly created state will be interested in such a mess. Therefore, security services of the newly created state, investors and countries that send their tourists to Gaza will endeavor their best efforts to suppress any attempts to organize terrorist activities in the region. A collective security system will be created to protect real economic interests of its members, Israel included. Among such members will be the tourist countries of the Mediterranean and the Red seas, Jordan, the Persian Gulf countries - by means of air travel, quite a few influential persons and countries of the world - by means of investments. Everybody will need peace in the region. I believe there cannot be any better conditions to ensure Israels security.

As a result, the Arabs will get a full-scale rich state able to ensure prosperous life to its population, whereas Israel will integrate Judea and Samaria to ensure maximum possible level of security to itself.

In order to implement the project we need to call upon Egypt and discuss conditions of the promised 1,600 km2 of Sinai transfer to Gaza.

To discuss with the USA possible sponsor funds to cover a temporary Gazas budget gap. Together with the USA and Egypt - to arrange a summit with investors interested to take part in the tourist centers construction. By the aforementioned summit results - to suggest to the Gaza authorities total and permanent denial of terrorism in exchange for: creation and recognition of the new state in Gaza, additional territories, sponsor funding to support the budget and investments for the tourist centers construction. Hamas had suffered a lot due to the lack of funds and discrepancies with Abu Mazen, so it will take the offer unconditionally.  Alternatively, we should look for somebody more compliant.

There arent enough specialists among the Arabs able to implement the project in question. To these ends, Israel will take an active part that will ensure steep rise of its own economy. The Israelis will become co-owners of the Gaza enterprises, that will ensure huge profits to them and to their country.

There are no reasons to hamper the projects implementation. Just the opposite - the insufficient Israels activity will allow Egypt to implement the project in question alone. As a result Israel will miss huge profits from the tourist centers construction and operation.


P.S. Everybody insists I have to hand this article over to the power players. I do hope there is someone out there who could help or advise how to do it. This project is the only way to secure Israel by creating better life for the Arabs and to built a road to peace everybody of us, our children, grandchildren and on, need.


Head of the "For Life" action group

Dr. Mark Bokman

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